PUMA Race Wear

PUMA enjoys a market leading reputation for motorsport race wear providing the top F1 teams (and beyond) with a full range of equipment from race suits, underwear, balaclava, gloves and footwear. Branded has taken over the global trade operations for PUMA Race Wear. The Race Wear business sits within the core and focus of Branded’s expertise. This asset strengthens Branded relationships with teams and ‘full service’ capability across motorsport. 


PUMA Podio Racesuit

PUMA Podio Gloves

PUMA Sweatshirt

PUMA Motorsport is along for the ride supporting several Motorsport teams and drivers to become Forever Faster.

PUMA Race Wear features in the top three F1 teams and is therefore the highest quality racing brand in the market. This range gives access to the top of the technology in racing wear to private drivers and teams.  FIA Approved